What is Curiosity Box

Curiosity Box is a subscription-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM for short) and educational service. In these subscription boxes are mesmerizing science toys, brain-busting puzzles, and exclusive T-shirts made for Curiosity Box customers.

Every item is hand-selected by the creators of Vsauce, the award-winning science education network with over 3 billion video views.

It is NOT a monthly subscription like most STEM boxes. They are seasonal, breaking down into these dates:

  • Spring Season ?February 10
  • Summer Season ?May 10
  • Fall Season ?August 10
  • Winter Season ?November 10

What do you get in the Curiosity Box?

The Curiosity box come with everything you need for the experiments, apart from water if required. Including easy to follow step by step instructions.

There are no hidden costs and you can get started as soon as it arrives. You can easily separate the activities up and do them over the course of the month or equally make a day of it and do them all in one go.

The boxes are designed for one child and therefore contain the right amount of equipment and ingredients for one but I found that my boys worked well together and as all the activities had several steps to them they were able to take turns and help each other. So my top tip is buy one box for the family not one per child.

The Curiosity Box Pros

  • Founded by the popular YouTube channel, Vsauce
  • Offers subscription boxes that contain a variety of fun items such as science toys, brainteasers, knowledge books, and more
  • Each box is worth $100+ value
  • Works together with MEL Science
  • Easy to use MEL Science app
  • Many customers are happy and satisfied with this brand